Referral Business is Better

By Vimal Vasvelia / May 12, 2021

Referral Business is Better

Why we are doing Networking in business? To get new client, grow business. You want return of your invested time in Networking in terms of the financial return.

To get financial return, we need to find the new clients. These new clients often would not be people you meet at a networking event.
In Networking terms, we call getting introduction to people is called ‘Referrals’.

A referral is an introduction to someone who is in the market for your product or service.

You are professional and your quoted amount is cheaper than others or your price is competitive then also you will not award the job. Have you ever thought about it? Because other company came from a referral.

Trust is the vital element in a referral, particularly for the referrer. When we build relationship with anyone then we just want to help them in their business by directly or by recommend them.

In referral always that if you recommend other then you definitely recommend by other. In my view winner is always who gives reference of business to others.

Try to find out the person from your contact that who will being your business promoters or who will give you reference or recommend or business and you also have to become promoters or referrer for others. For example, you are going to any function without getting any gift or flower bouquet and other are come with it, consistently never bring any gift or flower bouquet, what everyone else think about you?

Just get referral business using networking then you need to promote / recommend / refer others business. And do not expect same from that person but you will definitely get business from the group.

For the referrer, they crease their credibility with both the end user and business.


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